Mission Statement

Hubbard’s School aims to provide each student with a successful means of continuing their non-compulsory education.

The School seeks to work in partnership with all students, and where applicable, their parents, to enable them to grow in confidence and self worth, and so achieve their academic potential.

The School aims to provide a supportive and caring educational environment in which every student is welcome, and is encouraged as an independent and capable learner. 

The School supports the rights of children and young people and is committed to providing a safe and supportive service environment directed at ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

Hubbard’s School aims to promote the Educational Goals for Young Australians as outlined in the Melbourne Declaration of December 2008.  In particular, the School community believes that to enable and promote life-long learning, each student should be given opportunities to:

  • acquire a positive self-concept;
  • develop problem-solving strategies;
  • realise academic potential;
  • develop skills for meaningful interpersonal relationships;
  • be free from harassment and discrimination.

As a community, the school values and expects students to:

  • endeavour to achieve personal and academic excellence;
  • respect and accept all members of the school community;
  • strive towards open and friendly relationships amongst all members of the school community;
  • follow the highest standard of behaviour;
  • have an appropriate standard of appearance; and
  • enjoy a pleasant, safe and well cared for environment.