10 Ways Hubbard's School Helps Students Prepare For Uni

1. Learn How to Really Study

Students at Hubbard’s School really learn how to study well. They are taught the basics of taking good notes, the organisational skills of keeping their notes in legible order and the importance of revising their notes. Throughout the year, Hubbard’s School students are educated with the skills and knowledge required to prepare for and complete one big 100% external exam at the end of the year. With this training, our students tend to perform exceptionally in examinations.

2. Unlimited Career Guidance

With many students choosing an alternate pathway for specific career aspirations, we provide unlimited career guidance with current and accurate information. We ensure that students at Hubbard’s School have all of their required pre-requisites completed prior to entry into university.

3. Genuine Responsibility

Students at Hubbard’s School are given the responsibility to attend classes on time, with the freedom to come and go between classes. Students wear whatever they find comfortable and appropriate for school. This responsibility teaches our student to learn how to use their spare time effectively for study, work, training, or musical aspirations. Our students develop a healthy study/life balance, where education fits into their lifestyle.

4. Realistic Exam Preparation

The best preparation is always a realistic rehearsal. This applies to external exam preparation. Students are provided multiple opportunities to practice taking exams under exam conditions in preparation for their end-of-year exams. These practice exams provide feedback to the students. They give teachers an opportunity to critique their work and assist them to improve in preparation for their final exams that count for 100% of their marks. Students who learn from their mistakes and learn to apply their teacher’s feedback effectively, always receive the best results in the end-of-year exams.

5. Become Self-Driven

Just like at Uni, our students sign up for and attend only classes they are enrolled in. This similarity to a university timetable will make students comfortable taking the next step beyond secondary education. Students are self-motivated to attend, and continue their self-driven learning in the future.  

6. Contribute in Class

Our class sizes are always small to ensure the best student-to-teacher ratios. This means that students get a lot of one-on-one support and at the same time are encouraged to contribute to class discussions. When students are in small classes they learn to ask questions and contribute to their own education in a safe class environment.

7. Use of Technology

Hubbard’s School provides modern technology. This allows our students to gain experience and skills in online learning environments. Our students are well prepared for the similar use of resources that they may be expected to use at university.

8. Grow as Young Adults

From the time that students set foot in the door of Hubbard’s School, until the time they receive their University entry offers, our students grow in confidence exponentially. They set high standards for themselves, and achieve those high standards, with the assistance of our teachers in this supportive environment. They learn to become confident in their abilities as a student… and that is a significant factor that makes them enjoy learning and achieve their full potential.

9. Supportive Environment

Hubbard’s School is renowned for its extremely supportive environment. Students inadvertently assist each other by providing an academically proud environment, free from disruptive negative behaviour. Teachers also provide support to our students by offering one-on-one tutoring to those who require additional support.

10. Time Management

By teaching secondary subjects covering 11 and 12 concisely in a single year, we make the most efficient use of our students’ time. Why waste your time with old fashioned education when you can attend Hubbard’s School?


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