5 Reasons Hubbard's School Offers What Parents Want

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) have been conducting the ‘What Parents Want’ Survey for over 12 years. This is the longest running survey in the country exploring why parents choose to send their children to independent schools such as Hubbard’s School.

See the survey findings here: ISQ – What Parents Want Survey

ISQ have found that the final decision in choosing a school varies greatly between families. This is a very important and personal decision. However, there are common factors that parents identify as to why they choose their child’s school.

At Hubbard’s School we are proud to say that we meet all of the top 5 reasons why parents choose independent schools:

1.   Preparation for Student to Fulfil Potential in Later Life

Hubbard’s School is renowned for its educational pathways since it’s foundation in 1952. Since then we have helped countless students fulfil their potential and attend university, where mainstream schooling was not a suitable option. Our 2018 student destination analysis confirms this. With 93% of last year’s students continuing with their studies, and 84% of those graduating going to tertiary studies at university or TAFE. Hubbard’s School offers career guidance, and a pathway that students can take to fulfil their full potential academically or otherwise. Not only can our students achieve academically, but they also have the time in their flexible schedules to devote to their personal talents, strengths and aspirations.

2.   The High Quality of Teachers

The School’s QCAA results from our 2018 students would suggest that the teachers at Hubbard’s School know a thing or two about education. Across every single subject that Hubbard’s School offers the percentage of our students achieving a VHA, HA or SA was substantially higher than the state average. In 7 out of the 11 subjects offered 100% of our students achieve an SA, HA, or VHA. We cannot emphasise how great the teachers at Hubbard’s School are, however, our students can. Every year our student survey results indicate that students have very high regard for the quality of teaching at Hubbard’s School, and they are grateful for the support that teachers provide throughout their time at Hubbards.

3.   School Seemed Right For Child’s Individual Needs

Hubbard’s is the only school of its kind in Brisbane. Each student is provided with a flexible learning schedule that fits in with their extra-curricular requirements. They can learn at their own pace, and with smaller class sizes than traditional schools, they can get the extra attention they need if they do have to catch up on a topic. The more compact and efficient timetable allows the flexibility to fit extracurricular activities into the students week. Our students benefit from the extra time they can devote to rehearsal for musical instruments, dance practice, or in their chosen sport. Students can move freely between school and practice facilities, with handy access to public transport. It’s the kind of flexible schooling that’s perfect for talented students who want to make the most of their non-contact time.

4.   Good Discipline

We encourage good discipline by treating our students with respect. No we don’t punish our students into behaving sensibly. Our students are simply treated fairly. By treating our students like mature young adults, and placing the responsibility to act maturely on their shoulders, our students grow in confidence, maturity, and create their own peaceful environment. This well-disciplined and respectful environment has become part of the Hubbard’s School culture, with students continuing this ‘Peer Pressure of Positivity’ from year to year.

5.   Teaching Methods/Philosophy

Our Mission Statements says it all:

Hubbard’s School aims to deliver a challenging and rewarding curriculum in a nurturing, academic environment.  We do this by providing a positive education experience which gives each student the opportunity to experience breakthrough success.

Our ethos is to strive to reignite each student’s personal learning journey by helping them to:

  • Reignite their passion for learning
  • Reimagine their learning strategies to accelerate and elevate their progress
  • Realise their learning goals

We aim to facilitate the development of our students to become independent and confident learners who contribute to society in a positive manner.

We champion “U-centric” learning focused on the personal strategic achievements of our students.

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