A Message from the Hubbard's School Principal

If anyone wants to see you to succeed as much as your parents do, it's the Hubbard's School Principal, Cathy Pappalardo. Here is Cathy, saying a few words about why she loves this school and helping the student's here achieve their best.

Video Transcript

"The thing I love most about my job as principal at Hubbard’s School is seeing the confidence that young people gain in themselves as learners as the year progresses and particularly once they’ve sat and done well in the external exams at the end of the year.

They have the whole school year to prepare for this but in the meantime, students are continuously refining their skills and gaining and content knowledge in each subject… so of course by the time they’re assessed at the end of the year, Hubbard’s students have a degree of mastery and expertise in their subject area.

My personal goal for each student is that they enjoy their learning experience at Hubbard’s and become confident and successful learners."