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10 Tips For Parents – Another Perspective

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10 Tips That Parents Should Do To Encourage Their Children To Study

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5 Things To Do These School Holidays

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Exceptional Pianist & Student

Madeline is an exceptional student at Hubbard's School and an exceptional Pianist

Exam Prep’ Like a Boss

27 Tips for Getting Ready to do Your Best in Exam Week

Preparing Students for the Future

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Hubbard's Easy Enrolment Toolkit

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A Message from the Hubbard's School Principal

Cathy Pappalardo - The Principal

Taming the Learning Curve

How one student went from dreading high school to excelling at it

5 Reasons Hubbard's School Offers What Parents Want

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Taming the Timetable

How flexible schooling works for students with busy schedules

10 Ways Hubbard's School Helps Students Prepare For Uni

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The Next Step

Life after senior school, what will you do?

Congratulations William Elvin!

William is a student at Hubbard's School and a gifted musical composer

Learning From 100 Days of Rejection

TED Talks - Ideas Worth Spreading

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

TED Talks - Ideas Worth Spreading

Questions No One Knows the Answer To

Ted Talks - Ideas Worth Spreading

Subject Study Tip Series

Physics - Tip 11 of 11

Subject Study Tip Series

Philosophy & Reason - Tip 10 of 11

Subject Study Tip Series

Modern History - Tip 9 of 11

Subject Study Tip Series

Mathematics B - Tip 8 of 11

Subject Study Tip Series

Mathematics A - Tip 7 of 11

Subject Study Tip Series

Legal Studies - Tip 6 of 11

Subject Study Tip Series

English - Tip 5 of 11

Subject Study Tip Series

Chemistry - Tip 4 of 11

Subject Study Tip Series

Biology - Tip 3 of 11

Subject Study Tip Series

Ancient History - Tip 2 of 11

Subject Study Tip Series

Accounting - Tip 1 of 11


Some of the important information from the Parent information evening yesterday.

Study Skills Program

Simple, yet effective skills used to improve studying.

Parent Info Night

"Subject Study Tips" How parents can support the development of their students.

January Vacation School

There is still time to enrol!

Approaching 66 years of Excellence

A message from Cathy Pappalardo - The Hubbard's School Principal

Holiday Wishes

Wishing the Hubbard's School community all the best as the year comes to a close.

Brain Stimulation

With the end of year holidays approaching don't forget to keep your brain inspired.

Exam Anxiety Continued - Prepare Yourself Properly

How to prepare yourself for exams with the right study habits and strategies.

Hubbard's School 65th Anniversary Celebrations

Hubbard's School was established in 1952. Now, 65 years later, Hubbard's School is celebrating it's longevity.

Exam Anxiety & Staying Cool Under Pressure

Information on coping tools to prepare you for exams.

What is Exam Anxiety?

What is anxiety and how can people cope with it?

The Art of Studying

There is no shortcut to sound knowledge, for this is gained only by study, and study is hard work for all students.


Testimonials of resilience, courage, determination, hope, achievement and success.

University Prerequisite Courses

In time for January 2018 Offer Round!