ATAR Syllabus Preparation

New Qld Syllabus ATAR Exam Preparation

ATAR Syllabus Preparation Overview

The Overall Position (O.P.) system will soon be replaced with the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR), which is used in every other Australian State and Territory. For the first time in over 45 years, all Year 12 students in Queensland schools will be required to sit externally-set exams administered by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). In Maths and Science, these exams will count for 50% of a student’s grade, with the results potentially having a significant impact on a student’s final (ATAR) rank.

Students who are entering year 11 in 2019 will be the first to encounter this new system.


The following program aims to engage Year 11 students who want a head-start in studying for and practicing for high stakes end-of-year exams. Each 2.5 hour session in this eight-week course will follow the program below:

Description Length Fee
Saturdays for 8 consecutive weeks of 2.5 hour sessions. The content of each session will build upon the previous work and teach examination skills to students preparing for ATAR. 8 Consecutive Weeks $960.00
1. Review Quiz. Students will be given a short quiz to test their understanding of content covered in the previous week. These quizzes will encourage students to regularly revise all of the syllabus content, as the external exams will require students to recall information studied throughout an entire year!

2. Instruction. Students will spend time going through concepts being taught at school. Difficult concepts will be examined in more detail, and strategies will be provided for handling the material. Since all students in all schools must study the same content, this session will be applicable for all attendees. 

3. Practice Exam
. At the end of most sessions, students will sit a practice exam under exam conditions. These exams will test content covered in class during the previous and current weeks. Regular exam-practice is the key to success in high-stakes testing. Exams will be marked and returned to students the following week for feedback.

4. General feedback
will be provided to students during the 'Instruction' section the following week.

Subjects Offered in 2019

  • Year 11 Mathematics Methods - Units 1 & 2 (Saturday 9:00 - 11:30 AM)
  • Year 11 Chemistry - Units 1 & 2 (Saturday 12:00 - 2:30 PM)
Dates ATAR Preparation is Offered
All subjects are offered in each of the following 8 week blocks:
  • 02 Feb - 23 Mar (Term 1 | 8 Weeks)
  • 27 Apr - 15 Jun (Term 2 | 8 Weeks)
  • 20 Jul - 07 Sep (Term 3 | 8 Weeks)
  • 12 Oct - 30 Nov (Term 4 | 8 Weeks)

Additional Information

  • Classes are small to ensure that all students have an opportunity to engage with the content, the teacher and each other.
  • Hubbard’s School is renowned for it's exam preparation programs and has had extensive experience teaching exam preparation programs for over 65 years.

There is an art to sitting an exam successfully. Like any skill, practice makes perfect. Enrol now to boost your chances of success!