Approaching 66 years of Excellence

Our founders, Ron Hubbard and Doc Squire began an incredible journey with their vision and mission.

Sixty-six years later many things have changed, but one thing has never changed: our mission to assist students to achieve their educational goals and to prepare for and transition to tertiary studies.

It is our mission that unites us and inspires us.
It is our mission that drives us and challenges us to work hard towards continuous improvement.
In fulfilling our mission, we assist our students to challenge themselves to accomplish to their academic potential so that they may experience the satisfaction of realising their goals at this stage of their educational journeys.

Looking back over the past 66 years, we have much to celebrate. I am particularly proud that Hubbard’s has maintained its unique educational opportunities and alternative academic pathways in spite of the pressure to conform to the educational curriculum and assessment methods that are offered in all other educational institutions in Qld.

What we offer is truly unique and we must make every effort to preserve an alternative academic educational pathway for future generations.

Sixty-six years has taught us that we need to constantly be cognisant of the ever changing pathways to tertiary studies and that: students’ needs in the secondary sector may also be changing. As an institution we need to continue to be dynamic and resolute in fulfilling our mission.

It is my pleasure to serve such a dynamic, energetic and robust organisation and to succeed the two previous principals Helen Stevens and Doc Squire.

While considering its history, goodwill and reputation, it is exciting to look ahead at what is planned to build, grow and develop Hubbard’s in the not-too-distant future, including:

  • accommodating a growing student body; and
  • offering even more academic opportunities including Diploma level studies.

To all of you who have been a part of the past 66 years, and all who will continue to support us, a heartfelt “Thank you”.

Together we can sustain this longstanding tradition of excellence by learning from our past, building our strengths, adapting to change and embracing the future.

- Cathy Pappalardo (Hubbard's School Principal)