Australian Jobs - 2019 Statistics

In the second part of our four part series on Australian job statistics we look at the top employing industries in the country. This information may be beneficial for those looking for long-term, stable and reliable employment industries. It is quite informative to know which industries are growing, and which have been fading away in the past few years.

2. Jobs By Industry (2 of 4 in the Series)
  • The figures below show the top employing industries in Australia as of Dec 2018.
  • According to the latest Australian government data Healthcare and Social Assistance is the largest employment industry in Australia.
  • This data needs to be interpreted with a broad view and innovative thought. Think laterally about the potential work opportunities within each industry group.
  • For example, Information technology (I.T.) work is required and conducted within all industries.
  • I.T. underpins the way that we deliver products and services in each industry, whether it is Healthcare or even the Education industry. Therefore, I.T. a very safe and stable career path, even though it does not appear on the data set provided.

You can use this information as a stimulus for pathways planning, particularly in the lead-up to your tertiary applications through QTAC.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathways are also an alternative option to prepare for employment in Australia’s top 5 industry groups.

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