Congratulations to our successful 2019 graduates

How will you measure your time at school? 

  • Is it the friendships you’ve made? Or…
  • Your accomplishments?
  • The fond memories of your favourite English, Maths or Accounting teacher?
  • The stories you can tell about the Biology or Chemistry class or
  • The heated debates in P&R or Ancient History?

Students who choose to complete their Senior School studies through Hubbard’s School are sure to look back fondly at their Hubbard’s days and reflect on a time when learning was enjoyable, fun and relaxing and exams were completed with confidence and satisfaction at the end of a year of study. The Hubbard’s staff explicitly set out to ensure that the learning experience at this school has left a positive mark and stays with our alumni always. The dedicated Hubbard’s teachers, tutors and admin office staff members work tirelessly to deliver the best possible preparation for Senior External Exams for our students.

We are now at the end of another school year at Hubbard’s. One group of students has graduated successfully. Congratulations to them! We are very proud of all of them. They have been a memorable group of seniors and we wish them all the very best for the future.

Our students have put in a sterling effort and hard work since the beginning of the year. Our graduating students can hold their heads high knowing that they have finished their Year 12 year armed with deep knowledge, proficient skills and character traits such as perseverance, determination and commitment to hard work which are all traits necessary to meet any challenge they may face not only as students, but also as young adults in the years ahead.

Hubbard’s students are to be commended also for the good will, care and consideration they have shown each other and the respectful way that they have conducted themselves as Hubbard’s students. The spirit that they portray makes them excellent ambassadors for Hubbard’s School.

As in previous years, we are confident that all of our graduates will be accepted by their chosen university in their first preference of university courses. They will be the next generation of doctors, lawyers, business entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers.

Not all students will necessarily choose a direct entry into a university pathway. For those who don’t, they will add to their already valuable portfolio of skills by gaining employment or entering the armed forces or travelling and exploring the myriads of options the world has to offer them. Each student leaves their personal impression at Hubbard’s and is fondly remembered as another successful alumni. We are very proud of our students and their hard work, perseverance and achievements.

We are always honoured to recognize our students’ collective achievements.

  • Amongst our graduates, we boast students who are gifted and talented and hold a record for completing Year 12 well before turning 16.
  • Some have been enrolled in a UQ subject while completing Year 12 at Hubbard’s.
  • We have students who have concurrently studied and achieved great successes in their other field of interest such as Music, Dance, Sport and Art. Amongst them there are Australian prize winners, performers in the Qld Symphony Orchestra, National and International competitors.
  • We have many students who have excelled in the classroom achieving 5 Very High Achievements to receive the highest possible rank for university entry.
  • We have students who have qualified to be pilots.
  • And we have students who have now gained significant and invaluable experience through their work commitments.

Our students often say that during the time that they have spent at Hubbard’s they have experienced a sense of transformation. At Hubbard’s, they have created memories that will be fondly remembered in the years ahead.  And, most importantly, they have developed a love of learning which will carry them into a future of life-long learning and many related success stories.

We hope that they live INSPIRATIONAL lives and are COURAGEOUS in their outlook.

We encourage all of our students to always continue to be the first-rate version of themselves.

We are confident that our students will keep taking calculated risks and set their goals high to achieve great things…because they can!