Exam Prep’ Like a Boss

27 Tips for Getting Ready to do Your Best in Exam Week

Exam week can be a stressful time for any student (and even some of the teachers). So how do you not only survive, but thrive during this time?

Here are 27 tips to get you through studying, the day before, exam day and the test itself.

1. Don’t leave it too late
You’ll stress yourself out too much if you leave it to the last minute.
2. Make a study schedule
Keep it real. Your schedule has to fit your way of life and habits.
3. Plan by numbers
Write down study goals for each exam and the days left to divide the workload.
4. Understand how you learn
Are you a visual, aural, verbal or physical learner? Study in your style.
5. Spread out
Set up a study space that lets you spread out your books, notes and resources.
6. Get comfortable
Use bright enough lighting, a comfortable chair, and remove any distractions.
7. Sound matters
Some people need total silence while others perform better with music playing.
8. So graphic
Flow charts, diagrams and infographics can help you remember information.
9. Old school
Practicing old exams can help you see the style of questions and know what to expect.
10. Take a break
Stand, stretch, and have some water every 45 minutes to improve retention.
11. Be a health nut
Try healthy snacks that have a lot of vitamins and are low fat and low GI.
The Day Before
12. Don’t cram
Study as usual, according to your plan, but don’t go overboard out of nervousness.
13. Eat well
A well-balanced meal gives your brain the nutrients it needs to work at its best.
14. Sleep tight
You’ll need a minimum 7-9 hours sleep in order for your brain to function well.
15. Stay hydrated
Avoid dehydration to keep your brain working at its peak performance.
16. Don’t panic
Stay calm, avoid negative self-talk and don’t let stressed-out friends worry you.
On The Day
17. Check the rules
Make sure you know if it’s an open-book exam or any other relevant rules.
18. Plan your journey
Plan to arrive early so you’re not stressed out if your bus is running five minutes late.
19. Breathe
If you are nervous, lowering your shoulders and taking nice deep breaths helps.
20. Got a pen?
Good. Pack extra. You don’t want to run out of ink, white-out or whatever else you need.
21. Bring ID
Make sure you have photo ID and any other required documents with you.
At The Exam
22. Peruse or lose
Read the entire exam and make sure you have all the pages and questions there.
23. Assign time
Consider marks, word count and the number of questions when assigning time to each.
24. Stop watch
Keep an eye on the time and when a question’s allocated time is up, move on.
25. Go easy
Start with the easiest questions to warm yourself up, then move on to the harder ones.
26. Leave room
If possible, leave room on the exam paper so if you want to come back to add more you can.
27. Revise
If you have time left at the end, go back and read, edit and add to your work.

Remember, if exams are concerning you or you’d like some help with your study plan, we have an open-door policy at Hubbard’s School.

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