More Wonderful Testimonials

We always appreciate feedback from students and parents, so that we can use this information to continually improve and create an education option that works for those people that require an alternate option. These are just some of the countless appreciative testimonials that we have received recently, encouraging the School to continue offering this flexible education option, and making what we do here worth it.

Parent Testimonials
  • “Changing to Hubbard’s School was the best choice we ever made. Our son’s confidence is the highest it has ever been throughout his schooling because Hubbard’s teachers believed in him and what he could achieve. We wish we had found out about Hubbard’s years ago!” – Hubbard’s School Parent

  • “Hubbard’s School was great for my daughter. She had a learning space where she felt less pressure than a mainstream school. She had the necessary space for herself and had positive relationships with staff that were both supportive and considerate. I would highly recommend Hubbard’s School.” – Parent of Alumni

  • “Hubbards has made a huge difference to our daughter and our family. The culture, quality and style of education has made it possible for her to engage in a positive and healthy way with her education. I would like to thank the supportive and talented teachers & staff at Hubbard’s and thank Cathy (the Principal) for her leadership of this much needed school.” – Parent

  • “The students at Hubbard’s are really fortunate to have access to such competent and dedicated teachers. Having exams just at the end of the year allows them to focus on understanding the content and learning the subject, not just passing exams.” – Mother of Hubbard’s Student

  • “I speak very highly of Hubbard’s School. This School helped our sons to get the results that they needed. The teachers are amazing! I have never heard our sons speak so highly about teachers before Hubbard’s. The teachers help students, are considerate and show respect for our sons. The Principal, Cathy is also amazing, always eager to help and encourage the students to achieve their full potential. The School is amazing, I sincerely hope that it will be around for a very long time, as this is clearly an option that is needed in our education system. We were blessed very much to have the option of Hubbard’s School.” – Appreciative Parent

Student Testimonials 

  • “Only going to school for 3 days a week has given me time to study during the week on those spare 2 days which I believe have been crucial for my mental health and give me time to study” – Hubbard’s Student

  • “Hubbard’s fostered a supportive and productive environment which helped me better myself, both academically and personally.” – Hubbard’s Student

  • “My teachers have been helpful whenever I have come to them with work, giving me feedback which further directs my path of research, meanwhile, have never put too much pressure on me. The admin staff have always, always, always been up for a chat, and go beyond what is necessary in their role to ensure my physical, mental and academic well-being. I truly would not have wanted any other schooling experience. I am so grateful.” – Hubbard’s Student

  • "I had very little confidence in myself at the beginning of the year. The teachers and staff have given me never ending support that has given me so much more confidence in myself, an invaluable gift.” – Hubbard’s student