Study of Uni’ Prerequisite Subjects is Changing for the Better

There are many reasons why people choose to enrol in a university prerequisite course. They may have found it difficult to achieve their best results in the mainstream schooling system. Some have fallen behind and missed lessons due to various life challenges. Others may have found themselves graduating school and entering the university course of their dreams, only to soon realise there’s a gap in their knowledge that’s holding them back. We even see adults already in the workforce or entering a new profession attending classes to attain prerequisite subjects to support their career goals.

The idea of a big group of people who all have varying educational knowledge all trying to catch up and get back on track in an intensive course can feel overwhelming for some people. They may feel like they are not getting enough personal support to gain the results they need.

If you thought you knew what was on offer in a university prerequisite subjects course at Hubbard’s School, then it’s time for you to update your knowledge. Hubbard’s group intensive lessons are changing for the better. Students can now attend private one-on-one classes or choose to join smaller classes of two to four people. Class timetabling is flexible to suit people who are working, attending university or even at another school.

Individual subjects are also available one-on-one. This is perfect for students who were not allowed to do maths B or general English at school or for current university students who need more maths and science skills. At Hubbard’s School, you can do the subjects needed to qualify.

Instead of online, like many CATP providers, our classes are all taught face to face, directly by the teacher to you, individually or in a small group, allowing you to ask questions to clarify and ensure you properly comprehend the subject. 

Hubbard’s School Principal Cathy Pappalardo said, “I’m thrilled to be able to offer this supportive learning opportunity to better assist students on their personal pathways to success. The classes presented individually or in small groups, give students a greater chance at reaching their goals. That, to me, is really exciting!”

No more do you have to fit in with a set timetable or attend group or online classes where you could easily be left behind again. Now you can do it all on your terms, at times convenient to you and your teacher. New classes are starting all throughout the year, so you can enrol anytime, so long as you are 18 or turning 18 within six months of enrolment.

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