Study of University Pre-Requisite Subjects

CATP classes in University prerequisite subjects at Hubbard’s School enabled this student to work fulltime and complete the equivalent of Year 11 and Year 12 subjects to qualify for her dream course at university.

Although Jami-Lee had completed Year 12 of high school, acquired a job and successfully moved out of home, she wasn’t as fulfilled as she would have liked. She had a desire to gain entry into a Biomedical Science degree at university to begin her pathway to her desired career in Medicine. Jami-Lee worked dutifully for a psychologist for a few years, wishing she had studied the right pre-requisite subjects at school to enter the course of her dreams. Unfortunately, she knew she couldn’t turn back the clock.

As her job at the psychologist’s office was drawing to a close, something amazing happened. She was referred to Hubbard’s School’s CATP course, which allows you to study university pre-requisite subjects. Jami-Lee still had to work full-time to support herself living away from home. Thankfully, Hubbard’s provides flexible timetabling for the University Prerequisites, either in private classes or small groups of two to four people. In Jami-Lee’s case, she was able to finish work at 4pm and head straight into classes, completing all four of her chosen subjects in just nine months.

Now at age 22, Jami-Lee has successfully qualified and been accepted in Biomedical Science at the University of Queensland. During her first year, she felt better prepared in her university course than her peers that were coming straight from other schools. She puts this down to the experience of the Hubbard’s teaching staff - many of whom have also lectured or tutored for universities - and their knack for thoroughly covering the subjects that will be presented in the first year at university.

Jami-Lee also believes the smaller class sizes, more one-on-one time with teachers and ability to move at your own pace makes for a well-supported learning environment. Hubbard’s teaching staff make themselves aware of every student’s long-term goals and they ensure they do everything they can to make the transition to University easier. Jami-Lee reports that she definitely feels she has the upper hand, being so prepared for her course, compared with other students who may not have had a refresher or reminder of the important topics before entering their first-year at UQ.

Subject/s Studied:
  • Chemistry
  • Maths B
  • Biology

"At first it’s quite an interesting alternative to other institutions but it’s definitely worth finding out more and asking any questions you may have if you’re on the fence. Depending on who you are and what you need, Hubbard’s can make the world of difference, as it did for me." Jami-Lee, CATP Graduate