Study of University Pre-Requisite Subjects

CATP classes in University prerequisite subjects at Hubbard’s School enabled this university student to better comprehend and pass the subjects he found most challenging in his first-year University course.


As a young man growing up in a region where the best jobs available were in trades, Ryan saw no need to complete his Year 11 and 12 studies. Instead he couldn’t wait to leave school and start earning money after completing Year 10. Ryan was happy to be welcomed into the workforce by Rio Tinto. As the years rolled by, he was presented with more opportunities to move up the chain of command. The only problem was, Ryan wanted to move up into an engineering related role, for which you need university qualifications.


While university looked favourably on his eight-years’ work experience when he applied, he didn’t have the pre-requisite subjects to get into engineering. Instead he was accepted into an IT degree, which shares many first-year subjects with a Bachelor of Engineering. Ryan took the placement and began his university studies, with a plan to transfer to B Engineering after his first year in IT.


Everything was going well, although Ryan was feeling very challenged by the Maths and Physics problems he was encountering in his classes. He worked extra-hard to keep up, burning the midnight oil many times to gain better comprehension of the fundamentals of what his lecturers and tutors were teaching during the days. That’s when Ryan decided to defer his studies at university and find a place to study Years 11 and 12 Maths and Physics. After researching a few options, Ryan settled on Hubbard’s School.


The convenient and flexible class timetable meant Ryan could start his study right away. He found the opportunity to get started immediately very appealing, as he didn’t want to waste any time not being able to work. Ryan started his Maths classes first and a few weeks before completing it, began Physics classes. He was even able to conveniently pause his Physics lessons for a week while his Maths exams were in progress.


Once back into his IT course, Ryan noticed a massive difference. Instead of spending time catching up on comprehending maths and physics problems, he could focus on the more in-depth concepts in his course. He is fresh out of his first exam week at university, feeling a lot more confident and prepared now to be able to make the move to the course of his dreams next year. Ryan believes Hubbard’s flexible pace, small class sizes and high standards of teaching staff contributed to his success, but of course, he says you have to put the hard work in yourself to get the best results. He is eager to complete university and get back to work, so he welcomed being able to do his exams at Hubbard’s as soon as he felt ready.


Subject/s Studied:

  • Physics
  • Mathematics


“Without Hubbard’s I was struggling to learn at Uni’. I have nothing but positives for the place. It was a good experience. Without them I couldn’t have moved forward so quickly. Hubbard’s is better than going to TAFE any day if you can afford it.” - Ryan, CATP Graduate