Subject Study Tip Series

Hubbard’s School Students are renowned for their academic excellence. This excellence does not just come about through luck or lack of effort. These students attend class every day, listen intently, take an interest in their education, and study in their spare time. To assist our students in making the most of their time spent studying, we provide them with subject specific study tips.

And Guess What!

Now we’re also going to share these tips with you, so that you, or students that you know, can also benefit from the knowledge of Hubbard’s School.

 Subject Study Tips for Accounting – (1 of 11 in the Series)


Practical topics are usually sequential

  • Understand each practical process fully before moving to the next topic
  • To do this, be attentive in class and practice exercises whenever given the opportunity


Long exercises require perseverance

  • Practising similar exercises will help the student to learn the pattern
  • This results in better understanding and ability to handle the more challenging aspects


Theory knowledge is applied to scenarios

  • To learn facts, students need to summarise and simplify
  • Rote learning or the use of memory tricks such as rhymes or mnemonics will help


Students can better judge their standard of work from feedback

  • Feedback will give the student a benchmark for what they are proficient in
  • Ask for advice on the length and quality of a written answer from your teacher or tutor


Practice exam techniques and strategies later in the year

  • A lot of the accounting exams are long and difficult therefore exams should be practiced
  • Students will find that practising exams is as invaluable as learning the core knowledge


In Summary

  • Accounting requires time! Devote the necessary time to learning the basics
  • Always ask for feedback and follow the advice that you are given as feedback


These tips can be useful when studying other subjects, such as mathematics or physics. Think about how you could apply these tips to your own learning.

Next week we will be posting subject study tip (2 of 11) for Ancient History, so keep an eye out in the News section of our Website for more tips and tricks that could benefit you.