Subject Study Tip Series

This week in our Subject Study Tip Series we are reviewing study tips for Biology, the science of life at all scales, from cells to organisms to entire ecosystems.

Biology is relevant to everyone and every living thing. When we inhale and exhale, respiration is taking place within our bodies, where cells receive oxygenated blood and releases carbon dioxide.

We are biological organisms! So when you study biology, really you are learning about yourself.


Subject Study Tips for Biology – (3 of 11 in the Series)

1. Biology is a Science, so you will most likely have to learn new scientific terminology.

  • One of the toughest aspects of learning biology is the Latin based terminology
  • Breaking down words to identify their roots is a good method to start
  • Word association and Flashcards may also help you to remember these words
  • Acronyms can also help you remember combinations of words in a specific order

2. Biology is a knowledge based subject.

  • That means there are a lot of new words and ideas to remember
  • There is not one single formula you can apply in biology like a mathematical formula
  • This means you will need to read, write and review the material until you remember it
  • Repetition will help you retain your knowledge as well, so study the same area often

3. You should study topics starting at general concepts and move to specific ones subsequently.

  • For example, you should know what a mammal is before you can identify a primate
  • By learning the general concept thoroughly you will find the specifics much easier
  • If you are a visual learner, mind maps can break down complex notions into simple segments


In Summary

  • Learn the terminology
  • Repetition! Repetition! Repetition!
  • Study general before specific concepts


Next week we will be posting subject study tip (4 of 11) for Chemistry, and don't for get to watch the News section of our Website for more tips and tricks that could benefit your education.