Subject Study Tip Series

Legal Studies is an interesting subject because it applies to how the legal system can affect the lives of you and everyone around you as a citizen of your country.

That seems pretty significant then doesn’t it?

By examining historical and social factors that have led society to create this specific legal system, Legal Studies helps you to develop knowledge and understanding of the frameworks which regulate and shape our society.

Therefore, when you’re studying Legal Studies, you are learning about why the society that you live in is the way that it is. Now sure that’s interesting, but how do we study for Legal Studies?

Subject Study Tips for Legal Studies (6 of 11 in the Series)

1. Engage in Class

The more questions that you ask, the more you will relate Legal Studies to real life situations. Asking about things that you don’t quite understand or don’t agree with will also help you to learn that situation and topic in more detail. Then, once you understand an area, and have received feedback, attempt to address that question, or explain that topic using the feedback that you have just acquired.

2. Know Your Content

One of the biggest keys to legal studies is knowing your content back to front. Legal Studies is a very precise subject, therefore it pays to know it well. Acronyms such as ASAP can help.

(ASAP) = Appeals / Specialisation / Administrative Convenience / Precedent

3. Apply Your Skills

Once you know your content, don’t let that knowledge go to waste by not knowing how to answer a question correctly. In Legal Studies there are specific task words. Know what to write when you are asked to explain, discuss, evaluate, or outline a topic, and how they differ.

4. Structure Responses

  • Identify task words, such as ‘evaluate’
  • Look for key terms, such as ‘always’
  • Determine how many parts there are
  • Start with the first part of the question

The SEE acronym is a useful method for answering short response questions:

(SEE) = Statement / Explanation / Example

5. Revision

Attempting past exam papers will give you a good idea of how questions are structured. However, make sure to get feedback from your teacher and attempt the questions twice so that you understand how to answer questions correctly. Also, put in the time. Just like any other social science, Legal Studies required repetition to learn the content and how to apply your skills.

6. Be Social

Talk about what you learnt in class with your friends. Get them to read your work, and also read theirs. Then give each other some critical feedback. If you can teach the content then you probably know it well enough yourself.

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