Hubbard's is great!

  1. Hubbard’s and the Senior External Examination process has allowed our daughter – now that her life is on a more stable footing – to resit the Year 12 work and hopefully achieve a more realistic OP that should lead her to being able to study her desired degree in veterinary/zoology – neither of which would be open to her with her current standing.
  2. After the death of her father, C was having a hard time fitting in at school, and it was a battle every day to get her to school.  Not only was she very unhappy, but her grades were starting to fall, and she was losing confidence in her ability.  Hubbard’s has been great for her, she is enjoying going to school, has made some nice friends, and is starting to show more motivation and interest in her school work.  If Hubbard’s had not been an option, I believe she would have dropped out of school and would not have been able to go to university next year, as planned.
  3. My daughter suffered from chronic migraines, which meant that mainstream school would not and could not accommodate her illness.  Hubbard’s provided the flexibility that she needed to continue her education.  I investigated all options including home schooling using the school for distance education but like mainstream schools they run on standard times and if you cannot attend your required time slot online you fail.  No child should have to forgo their education just to fit into a time slot.  We were very happy to find Hubbard’s and the external education system, it has been a life saver.
  4. For many reasons, my son was going nowhere fast and was in fact heading into trouble within the state school system.  We had some serious talks at the end of grade 10 as we feared greatly that not only was he not going to achieve any useful results at school, he was probably not going to finish school at all and he was spending a lot of time at the local park involved in dangerous activities instead of in the classroom.  He had gotten into the wrong crowd and the standard school system just did not fit him.  He was mature enough to know and admit that he could not achieve to his ability in the general school system and that he disliked it very much.  He felt (and we agreed) that a private school would not be any better for him.  When presented with the choice of going to a completely different system like Hubbard’s, he felt it was a good idea.  The different structure, the lack of uniform, the absence of assemblies, sports days etc, the smaller classes, the simple focus just on the subjects you were doing… all this appealed to him.  We enrolled him and with a lot of firm support and guidance from the Principal and the teachers who were very committed to his welfare, he passed all subjects and is now motivated, confident, focused and no longer involved in dangerous activities.  There was no one at Hubbard’s “wagging” or leading him astray.  The focus on 100% big exam at the end of the year was good motivation for him.  This school and this examination system have turned him around.  As parents, we are very grateful.
  5. We more than many know that not all teenagers fit the system and whist J may not have been a model student he connected with teachers very well and I am happy to say that he has again enrolled at university and I think he will stick with it this time.
  6. I chose Hubbard’s because it was my daughter’s only option to obtain university entrance senior level schooling.  I have had her in and out of school since grade 8.  She is an extremely bright girl and needs the education. The schools my daughter has been to were huge schools with no effective way to deal with bullying behaviours, and too many students for teachers to deal with.  Hubbard’s has offered a close environment, where she is fully supported and assessed in a manner that reduces her stress as my daughter has an anxiety disorder from domestic violence and school bullying.
  7. I know what Hubbard’s has given J.  He has just completed a personal training course Cert III and IV with the Australian Institute of Sport while starting his degree in Bachelor of Business majoring in sports.  As we can see from a person who didn’t like school to achieving what he had in a few short months is a credit to Hubbard’s.  Oh and I thank you very much.
  8. The existence of that option allowed my son D to safely and successfully complete his senior years and gain university entrance which would not have been possible otherwise.  D is on the autistic spectrum and, although high functioning and having the support of the wonderful teachers in the Special Ed Unit at the school, he had a terrible time trying to fit into the school based education system.  His extreme self-consciousness and inability to understand and communicate with his peers in a social setting made school a real trial for him and the style of ongoing assessment system did not suit his learning style at all and proved to be a nightmare for him.  He suffered from stress and depression and found each day harder than the next and this allowed very little energy for learning and successful outcomes.  Enrolling at Hubbard’s gave him an opportunity to learn in a way that suited him and then sitting the Senior External Exams allowed him to demonstrate that he could achieve great results.  By D being able to access this alternate path to his Queensland Senior Certificate, one that he found to facilitate rather than hinder his learning, he found a new level of confidence and at last he started to think he was ok.  A great thing for a parent to see.
  9. This was the system that allowed K to finish school – otherwise she would not have.
  10. My daughter, N is currently attending Hubbard’s and for the first time has felt that she belongs and the study requirements are working for her and not against her.  I strongly feel there should be choice to suit individual preferences and circumstances.  N academically is achieving consistently better marks, and is not “stressed out”.  In the public and private school system N underachieved and felt stressed and pressured, thus decreasing her quality of life.
  11. In January 2010 we found Hubbard's.  In her final year of private schooling our beautiful girl became mentally unwell.  Prior to her illness our girl was an academic excellence student, the recipient of numerous academic and music awards.  In year 12 she undertook Maths B, Maths C, English, Chemistry and Economics while she passed her subjects and gained university admission it was obvious this young woman was not resilient enough for university life or the workforce.  To thrust her forward with adult expectations would be a ludicrous experiment.  Our girl was very much a child, young and unprepared for the world.  We learnt initially about Hubbard’s School through a psychologist – we were told Hubbard’s would allow our child to further develop her social and emotional skills while improving her results in a safe and nurturing environment.  Commuting from the Coast to Hubbard’s gave our daughter exactly what she needed, the independence and dignity of being out of school but the safety of high level teacher/student and most importantly teacher/parent relationships.  I am thrilled to report in 2012 our girl is thriving, enrolled at the University of QLD, 3 distinctions and credit in her results, successfully living in Student Residence and working on the weekends.  To the casual observer you’d never suspect that this good looking, clever, emotionally resilient young women ever had a mental health issue.  Like many other parents in a similar position I know how far we’ve come.  Hubbard’s wasn’t exclusively the answer or magic solution to our daughter’s problems – what it offered was time and opportunity to heal in a compassionate, purposeful environment.
  12. I would like to say that S has blossomed since attending Hubbard’s.  If he had stayed at his previous school he was on track to finish year 12 without any senior qualification.  He was too distracted by all the unnecessary extras that mainstream school includes.  While field trips, sport and the like will no doubt benefit the majority of children S has always enjoyed a vigorous outdoor life and through our church group and part time work both in the hospitality industry and disability services, has had many opportunities to grow in maturity and develop an understanding of the ‘big wide world’ away from the formal secondary school structure.  S is not an experiential learner and the constant assignments of formal Grade 11 & 12 schooling were anathema both to him and myself!  We spent many a fraught and futile evening and weekend hours completing assignments which gave little if any benefit to S’s academic accomplishment.  S is now learning by a far more direct, and for him beneficial, method.
  13. We chose this path for our daughter S and have had no reason to regret our decision.  S’s preparation for university studies was excellent, thanks to Hubbard’s, and thanks to the Senior External system.  She is in her second year of a dual Business/Arts degree and doing extremely well.  S had been home schooled until the end of year 10 and then went on to complete two years at Hubbard’s in 2009/10.  We felt at the time that she was ready for a learning environment which demanded more personal responsibility and maturity from her.  She was 15 when she started at Hubbard’s and had no problems with the work load.  She made good friends she is still in contact with.  As far as her QCE results go, through the field placing system and other awards achieved she ended up with the equivalent of an OP of 6, which was sufficient to get into her chosen uni course.  Although Hubbard’s was study-intensive, it still left plenty of time for S to pursue her interests in the performing arts.  It would have been difficult to fit it all in while attending a normal school.  I also appreciated that the teachers were first rate and no time was wasted, the focus was academic, but very friendly and personal at the same time.  Having to sit a ‘do or die’ exam at the end of the year might not suit everyone, but it is definitely a viable option for many who do not want to go through year 11 and 12 within the traditional school system.  I also think it is good preparation for a ‘real-life’ situation where once-off opportunities and challenges have to be faced and overcome.  Thank you again for your input into my daughter’s life, I wish you all the best.
  14. For students that have been bullied, suffered illness or have a particular focus Hubbard’s offer a safe and mature environment that provides real alternatives, support and pathways.
  15. I personally used Hubbard’s as a way to gain a prerequisite for an engineering course to be admitted into ADFA.  Neither Chemistry or Physics were options at my school, so I was only able to complete the pre-reqs though Hubbard’s, especially as the ADF doesn’t accept short courses as pre-reqs anymore.
  16. Hubbard’s helped me get into the Queensland educational system, if I hadn’t joined, I probably wouldn’t be in my second year of uni right now.  After graduating high school and moving to Brisbane from Botswana (Southern Africa), I was forced to repeat year 11 and 12, but thanks to Hubbard’s, I was able to save a year and do both year 11 and 12 in one year.  Hubbard’s also allows students to have a part-time job while studying, which friends have told me is impossible in the state schools, this is because attendance is only necessary for classes – which I personally feel is all that’s needed.  I strongly support Hubbard’s and all it stands for, I feel it really helped me get through to university and finally get to where I have always wanted to be, studying what I am passionate about.
  17. After missing many years of school due to cancer (Leukaemia) I found that I could not cope and was failing and falling behind, though the school tried to assist me, such facilities, structures and resources are not built in or available to normal schools (Private or Public), and therefore my needs could not be catered for.  Eventually in grade 10 after meeting with the student councillor at the school I attended, she recommend that I look at Hubbard’s, which turned out to be a godsend, ultimately allowing me to achieve the best Rank (Op Equivalent) possible, which would definitely not be possible through normal schooling.  I am now in my 2nd Year at the University of Queensland studying a Bachelor of Business Management.
  18. “A” chose Hubbard’s to complete 11 & 12.  He was attracted to the flexibility of class size, the subjects offered, no uniforms & no structured day and the ability to complete 11 & 12 in one year.  He has been through both public and private education systems, and neither of these systems have worked for him.  A is an individual, and is not going to fit a one size fits all and I would assume there are many children who fit this category.  His main issue with the private system was that they are only interested in those students who will achieve an OP 1, not the individual student and their specific educational requirements. “A” appears to enjoy Hubbard’s, they listen to what he has to say, he feels respected and treated as an adult.
  19. “A” has done very well this year, he is attending Qld Uni and is doing well.  His story is about a young boy who could not adapt to the high school system and was always on the outer.  Once he made the decision that he needed a quality education and chose Hubbard’s as an educator he did not look back.  He was a child at risk of long term unemployment and is now doing really well in an adult environment.  Without this option I do not believe that “A” would have matured enough to attend uni.
  20. Our daughter was a victim of bullying at school in grade 10 and we switched schools, family circumstances further disrupted her studies and she did not complete grade 12 in a main stream school.  Hubbard’s and the external senior system in Queensland, gave her a second chance, she achieved an OP 5 and is now studying at University.  Without this avenue she would not have achieved her dream.  Hubbard’s and other establishments, that offer senior external studies for children who do not ‘fit in’ the framework of mainstream schools, give a very important alternative for senior schooling of Queensland students.  I know of numerous children, very clever who for one reason or another did not complete senior schooling, who went to Hubbard’s and have achieved outstanding results, who are now engineers and teachers in our state.
  21. Our son is at Hubbard’s for the following reasons.  He did not do well in his Grade 12 exams, despite being at what I think was quite good school.  He obtained an OP20.  I think it was quite a good school for him because I think it makes reasonable provision for all sorts of pupils.  The simple fact is that my son was not ready for Grade 12, in various ways.  He has done various things over the last few years.  He is now 22.  There is great benefit for him in not having to attend a normal school.  He simply would not fit in there.  He now seems ready to study.  He wants to obtain entrance to QUT.  He is studying Maths B, Physics and Ancient History.  For the first time, he is actually studying.  He is doing very well in Ancient History, reasonably in Physics and (as yet) not so well in Maths.  The external system gives him the chance to make up ground on Maths.  Importantly, he is interested in what he is studying. The availability of a place where he can study at 22, the ability to find his way during the year and the presence of good teachers, are all important for my son.
  22. After a darker period of my life, my continued attendance at (Private Girl’s School) became impossible.  With little support and no other options, I turned to Hubbard’s as a last-ditch effort to receive an OP/rank so that I could go to university.  The support and assistance across the board was astounding.  With the intention to study physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, I and a conglomerate of others, busted my chops to achieve.  As of now, I am enrolled at the University of Queensland, and am well on my way to achieving my goals in life.  I could not have done it without the support from everyone at Hubbard’s through Senior External.
  23. We certainly found the right niche for (our son) in sending him to Hubbard’s, which has allowed  him to have the balance of school and work that he always craved.  He has certainly blossomed as a person and young man.
  24. I graduated from Hubbard’s School in 1991 with sufficient marks to get into my first preference at QUT.  Two degrees later, I am now responsible for the management of legal risk across Australia and New Zealand in a $2 billion a year contract mining business.
  25. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the past two years!  If it weren’t for you, there is no way I would have made it.  Hubbard’s has been a second home and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there. SR (anorexia survivor)
  26. (Private Tutoring Student) called to say THANK YOU for all the help in the private tutoring at Hubbard’s.  She received an OP1 and received one of the 15 Vet Science places offered to Year 12 students.
  27. I am not sure you would remember this young man who was a student at Hubbard’s in Term 4 of 2000.  You accepted him after he was expelled… (our Son) was a mixed up troubled adolescent who had got into some strife.  No other school would take him.  You enabled him to complete Year 12; he got into his chosen course bachelor of Architecture at UQ.  Last week he graduated from UQ with Honours.  He has started to work with a company that design major sporting venues around the world.  He is happy and I think looking forward to the future with enthusiasm and optimism.  So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, from two very proud parents.
  28. Hubbard’s gave me the opportunity this year to study with confidence.  The support, tutorials, classes and information provided was so helpful and enabled me to stay focused and dedicated to achieving my best possible mark.  I am now on a pathway to success and Hubbard’s has assisted me in taking my first step down it.
  29. Hubbard’s really allowed me to excel this year as the teachers and staff have been so understanding.  I’ve met wonderful people and have enjoyed being part of the ‘family’ environment.  I can’t believe it’s all over -it’s gone so quickly.
  30. I just wanted to say thank you for the informative content, helpful teachers and plentiful practice material. I have just been accepted into Griffith University’s Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science (aka Dentistry) and couldn’t be happier.  Thank you again!