Principal's Welcome

Hubbard’s School is a co-educational, Independent Private School in Queensland.  Hubbard’s offers an Alternative Academic Program catering exclusively to senior school-aged students.

The Hubbard’s School educational program is recognised as an alternative, differentiated, rigorous academic pathway.  This pathway and pedagogical approach is tailored to prepare and support academic students who require a flexible education program to cater to their personal situation.  Some of the reasons that students choose this pathway include: medical circumstances, sporting commitments, learning styles, heavy training schedules in dance, sports, theatre and music.

At Hubbard’s School, students complete each senior school subject in one scholastic year; not over two years as is the norm in mainstream schools.

Students at Hubbard’s sit Senior External Examinations at the end of October each year.  These exams equate to 100% of the mark derived for each subject.  Students’ Ranks are determined by tallying the grades they earn when they sit the Senior External Examinations for each subject.  The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre allocates a Rank using Schedules to interpret the student’s best results in no more than five subjects and no fewer than two subjects.  The highest Rank is obtained by completing five subjects. The majority of students transition to University after completing their studies at Hubbard’s School.

Typically, mainstream senior students in Queensland schools are required to be enrolled in at least five (usually six) subjects.  In mainstream schools, subjects are assessed with assignments and on-going internal assessments in all six subjects each term over two years for the duration of Years 11 and 12.  Hubbard’s students on the other hand, can pace their learning based on their personal circumstances.  Most Hubbard’s students complete three full subjects in one year and another two subjects in the following year. All Hubbard’s students are assessed externally with exams administered through the Queensland curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Hubbard’s School offers academic subjects only.  Students are only required to attend classes at the scheduled times for their chosen areas of study.  At all other times, students are then free to pursue their interests and out-of-school commitments.  The School does not offer extra-curricular activities such as sports or religious programs and there are no formal School assemblies, house group meetings or year level meetings scheduled in school time.

Hubbard’s students are drawn mainly from the northern and western suburbs of Brisbane. As the School is in close proximity to public transport, it also attracts students from the greater South-East Queensland region, including Redlands Shire, Logan City, Ipswich City, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and beyond.

The student-centred approach to education at Hubbard’s School is critical to the way it operates as a learning organisation. The smooth transition from the Hubbard’s academic program into the workforce, university or TAFE is made possible through a focus on establishing quality relationships with students. Hubbard’s School staff and teachers work in partnership with parents and students to assist students to achieve their potential. A focus on personal strategic planning, including goal setting, developing study skills and positive attitudes to learning and problem-solving strategies as well as future orientation, helps our students gain the confidence and skills they need to be successful.

Hubbard’s School has been in continuous operation since 1952. It became an accredited Non-State School on 1st January, 2001 and a Not-For-Profit Charity effective 3rd December, 2012. It has gained an enviable reputation as one of the leading educational institutions in Queensland.