Life Coaching

Personal Wellness Consulting and Coaching Services

This course is relevant to those seeking support to acquire the information and skills required for enhanced personal wellness. Life Coaching provides individuals with the necessary confidence and guidance required to successfully achieve their goals.

Life Coaching Details

Counselling vs Life Coaching

Counselling is a past-focused discipline, in which the counsellor identifies the reasons for the person’s feelings and behaviours and offers ways to handle a particular issue. Often, people don’t like to be labelled as “depressed” or “anxious”. They may even use these labels to justify their actions and thereby limit their ability to change.

With Life Coaching, we do not dwell on reasons for feelings and behaviours because we want to avoid reinforcing a negative cycle. Rather, we focus on the coaching people towards their future, because no matter what an individual has experienced in the past, they can always improve and learn to achieve, develop and be happy.


The following contect topics may be discussed during life coaching sessions:

- Individual Assessment (& course overview)

- Priorities (choosing what to care about)

- Acquaintances (the importance of choosing the right ones)

- Taking Responsibility (how to create your own luck)

- Positivity (changing negatives into positives)

- Realistic Confidence (how to believe yourself and believe in yourself)

- Stress Management (acknowledgement and acting on the situation)

- Cooperation (the importance of becoming a people person)

- Actions (focusing on the journey rather than the destination)

- Fitting In (& how you don’t need to)

- Persistence (the importance of being relentless appropriately)

(Life Coaching may alter from this programme or focus on other topics based on the needs of the individual)


There are 10 hours of coaching in each Life Coaching Corse, with the possibility of paying for additional hours. Hubbard’s School will contact you to arrange the initial appointment time. Ongoing sessions will be arranged between the coach and the parent or student.

Sessions are usually one or two hours per week, but can be adjusted as required by the student.


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