Personal Statement Program

For Bachelor of Education Entry

From August 2017, all applicants pursuing entry into a Bachelor of Education degree will be required to submit a 1000-word personal statement. This requires applicants to describe their involvement in leadership activities and their motivation or suitability to teaching in terms of conscientiousness, resilience, interpersonal communication skills, and organisational skills.

In the Personal Statement Program, students will work with qualified and experienced teachers who will tailor their tutoring to each individual student. The teacher will explore the student’s inspirations and provide coaching with the written components of the application. The personal statement is unique for each student, so why adopt a standardised approach?

Personal Statement Tutoring Details


Contact Hubbard’s School administration if you would like to clarify information regarding this program. Either call (07) 3371 5999 or email


Complete the online Enrollment Form (the button at the bottom of this page).


Hubbard’s School will contact you to arrange the appointment times. Sessions will be arranged to best suit the student and tutor's availability.

Sessions are 1 hour long over 2 consecutive week, to provide adequate time for essay practice between sessions.


This program assists students to:

- Understand exactly what is requried of them

- Answered all parts of the essay requirements

- Fully Include an appropriate thesis statement and add appropriate justification

- Develop their justification by using logical points which are well reasoned

- Include relevant examples, applicable to their future studies

- Be analytical and demonstrate critical thinking

- Proofread work to check that each paragraph links to the previous or the thesis statement

- Structure the essay in the appropriate format

- Check for any spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes