Exam Preparation Program

Skills and Techniques to Prepare for Exams

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Exam Preparation
This Exam Preparation Program assists students with their preparation for those important, and vital end of year exams. Students often spend countless hours studying in preparation for exams, however their efforts may be in vain if they do not communicate their knowledge efficiently and effectively in an examination. Our exam preparation coach will equip students with strategieson how to prepare for an examination, manage the stressors in the lead up to an exam and how to effectively use exam time to ensure that all questions are answered. Simply by learning improved methods of how to prepare for and sit an exam, students can expect a much better result from the same amount of effort.

Program Details

Description When Fee
3 Day program, consisting of 6 total hours of exam preparation coaching.
(The predefined content of each session is tailored specifically to the needs of the cohort of students in the exam preparation class)
24-26 September 2018 $600.00
Content Days Time
  • Subject Specific Studying
  • Reviewing Subject Information
  • Memorisation Techniques
  • Essays and Referencing
  • Proofreading Strategies
  • Ensuring Questions are Answered Accurately
  • Explaining Criteria Key Words
  • Time Management During the Exam
  • Stress Management Techniques
Monday - 24th
Tuesday - 25th
Wednesday - 26th
9:00am -
The Exam Preparation Program is held at Hubbard’s School in Milton. Closing date for enrolment is 2 business days prior to the start of the program.

Be Exam Ready

By completing the Exam Preparation Program, students will be better prepared for those crucial end of year exams. Alleviate exam anxiety and ensure that you are well-prepared to take exams.