Personal Statement Program

For Bachelor of Education Entry

Bachelor of Education Entry Requirements
From August 2017, all applicants pursuing entry into a Bachelor of Education degree will be required to submit a compulsory 1000-word personal statement. This essay will require applicants to describe their motivation and suitability to teaching. Applicants will also be required to address their involvement in
learning and/or leadership activities and demonstrate their commitment to learning; conscientiousness; resilience; interpersonal communication skills and organisational and planning skills.
Personal Statement Program
In the Personal Statement Program, students will work with qualified and experienced teachers who will tailor their tutoring to each individual student. The teacher will explore the student’s inspirations and provide coaching with the written components of the application. The personal statement is unique for each student, so why adopt a standardised approach? Engage with a professional who will inspire you to be more than you thought you could be.
Expressions of Interest
Contact Hubbard’s School administration if you would like to clarify information regarding this program.
Complete the online enrolment form.
Hubbard’s School will contact you to arrange the initial appointment time.
Ongoing sessions will be arranged between the tutor and the parent/student.
Sessions are usually one hours per week for two concecutive weeks, but can be arranged as required by the student.
  • Personal Statement Program - $230.00 for two x 1hr tutoring sessions
Cancellation Conditions
  • The student/parent must contact Hubbard’s School directly if they are unable to attend a booked tutoring session or need to make a change to the appointed time.
  • 24 hours notice of cancellation of an agreed tutoring appointment must be given to avoid incurring a $80.00 late cancellation fee.

We understand your personal success path: At Hubbard’s School we help you identify your personal educational goals to assist you through your personal journey. This allows us to provide tailored, U-centric learning. We are listeners, visionaries and planners: We understand how to structure and accelerate learning that will fine-tune skills, knowledge and capability with your future outcomes in mind.