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CATP (10765NAT) - Subject Details

CATP Subjects

To complete one subject, students must complete all units within that subject.

CATP Course

To complete the entire Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (10765NAT) Program, students must complete 3 core units and 6 elective units.

Registered Training Organisation Code: 31621

Subject Unit Code Content
Biology ATPBIO001 - Unit 1 Apply science inquiry to solve biology problems relating to cells and multicellular organisms.
ATPBIO002: Unit 2 Apply theory of ecosystems and genetics in biology.
Chemistry ATPCHE001: Unit 1 Demonstrate the practical and theoretical application of introductory chemistry.
ATPCHE002: Unit 2 Apply principles of chemical reactions and systems in theory and practice.
ATPCHE003: Unit 3 Demonstrate the application of theory relating to electrochemistry and organic chemistry.
 English ATPPRE001: Unit 1
(Core Unit)
Plan and prepare for study.
ATPALS001: Unit 2
(Core Unit)
Apply academic learning skills.
ATPALS002: Unit 3
(Core Unit)
Apply advanced academic learning skills to develop an academic argument.
Maths A ATPGMA001: Unit 1 Apply general mathematics in real world contexts.
ATPGMA002: Unit 2 Apply statistical and algebraic theory in real world contexts.
Maths B ATPPMA001: Unit 1 Solve pure mathematics problems involving
trigonometry and algebra.
ATPPMA002: Unit 2 Solve pure mathematics problems involving statistics and functions.
ATPPMA003: Unit 3 Solve pure mathematics problems involving calculus.
Physics ATPPHY001: Unit 1 Demonstrate the application of motion and force to physics problems.
ATPPHY002: Unit 2 Demonstrate the application of mechanics and optics to physics problems.
ATPPHY003: Unit 3 Demonstrate the application of theory to electromagnetism and nuclear physics problems.
Assessment for all units is progressive. Each unit encounters various assessment pieces. All courses are subject to minimum enrolments. Age restrictions apply.

Course Conditions

Entry Conditions

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age or must turn 18 years of age within 6 months of enrolment in their tertiary course.
  • Admission of applicants under this age will only be in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Principal. 
  • Year 10 education is assumed.


  • A textbook may be issued. If so, a book bond of $120 is required.
  • Your Statement of Attainment & a refund of $60 will be issued on return of the book in good condition.
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