Code of Behaviour

The four main rules applicable to students at Hubbard’s School are:

  • Attendance at all lessons
  • Homework attempted faithfully
  • Display mutual respect to all members of the school community
  • Behaviour must not interfere with the rights or learning of others


Attendance is required only for timetabled classes, examinations and other special events as advised. In view of this, lessons are taken as appointments with the teachers.

Consequently, if an absence is necessary, courtesy to staff requires contact from the student or parent/guardian on or before the appointed time. Unless a parent or guardian formally notifies Hubbard’s School, the student is deemed to be of average health and to be able to meet the attendance requirement. Persistent absences are seen as serious issues and parents will be contacted to assist with a resolution to the problem.

Similarly, lateness is seen as being discourteous to teachers and fellow students. Late entry to the classroom disturbs the concentration of those already actively engaged in the lesson. Lateness will be recorded. If punctuality does not improve, the parent/guardian will be advised.


As the requirements of the course are many and the time to cover them is brief, homework forms an essential component of the teaching-learning program. It affords an opportunity for students to practice and review lesson topics as well as organise notes. Students can then make teachers aware of their success or otherwise during the next lesson.

Outside interests such as sport, part-time employment, family responsibilities, social and spiritual engagements are a legitimate part of life. A balance of these activities against lessons and study commitments is vital.

Behaviour Management

An environment of mutual respect is essential. Every member of the Hubbard’s community should feel valued and respected. Every Hubbard’s community member (parents, staff and students) must accept responsibility for fostering such an environment.

Teachers have a responsibility to be prepared and able to deliver comprehensive lessons. Similarly students have the responsibility to be prepared and to arrive at class with all the equipment and books needed for that lesson.

Every student should expect, and deserves, the best possible learning environment at Hubbard’s.  The behaviour of any student must not impact negatively on other students or on teachers.

Dress Code

Students are expected to wear smart, casual clothing. Appropriate footwear and clothing apparel is required.