Senior External - Enrolment Procedure

Step 1: Consultation

To adequately assist students to select the best option, a meeting with the school Principal should be arranged with the prospective Student and a Parent or Guardian. Submitting an expression of interest is a good way to organise a consultation with the Principal (EOI form can be found at the bottom of this page).

Meetings are conducted throughout the year and will provide you with an opportunity to see the School, perhaps meet some of the staff, have relevant QTAC schedules explained as well as have your questions answered.

To ensure your queries are answered satisfactorily during the consultation, the following documentation is requested:

  • Proof of Age (with photo - i.e. school id / driver's licence / passport)
  • Most recent academic record
  • In case of medical condition - supporting documentation from health professional
  • Any court orders relating to the student

In circumstances where your meeting is not practical due to distance, an interview by telephone can be arranged.

Step 2: Submit Enrolment Agreement

For full acceptance into the School the following have to be completed and submitted:

  • The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) Eligibility Form. This form is available online from QCAA. This form is to be completed if the prospective student is 16 years of age or younger at the end of the examination year.
  • The Hubbard’s School Enrolment Agreement (available after meeting) which includes a non-refundable $500 fee. This is composed of a $250 administration fee and a $250 credit allocated towards the tuition fees for the year.

For more information about subjects or the Senior External School Program please refer to the Subject Information tab.

There are no religious, racial or academic restrictions placed on admission, however, the School reserves the right to withhold entry, if it seems likely that the student would not benefit from the education offered at Hubbard’s School.

Step 3: Orientation Program

All Senior External students enrolled as of the first week of January each year, are to attend an Orientation Program. This program incorporates information for students about:

  • Being a Hubbard’s School student
  • Effective Study Skills, Time Management and Goal Setting
  • Team building exercises

Parent Sessions regarding subject choices, school expectations, QTAC, QCAA and STAT information are organised in February each year. These sessions act as an introduction to the Hubbard's system for parents.

Further key dates can be found on the School Calendar.

Enrolments after Orientation

Students who enroll after the Orientation Day are offered an Orientation Pack. Additional lessons to facilitate the ‘catching-up’ of missed work are also arranged. This is individualised and takes into account the date of enrolment, the subjects involved and the student’s previous academic history.

As a consequence of this comprehensive ‘catch-up’ program, late applications for enrolment are always considered.