Year 11 and 12 Subjects

The subjects offered in the Hubbard’s School Senior External Program are:

QCAA Subject Information Hubbard's School Brochure
Accounting Accounting
Ancient History Ancient History
Biology Biology
Chemistry Chemistry
English English
Legal Studies Legal Studies
General Mathematics General Mathematics
Mathematical Methods Mathematical Methods
Modern History Modern History
Philosophy & Reason Philosophy & Reason
Physics Physics

Please Note

  • Quotas exist for all Senior External Subjects
  • The subjects offered each year are dependent on a minimum number of students enrolled in each subject area
  • Timetabling is subject to the required subject combinations for the enrolled students
  • Timetabling is finalised one week prior to Orientation and is contingent upon teacher availability
  • No subject is compulsory
  • The syllabus for each subject covered is covered in one calendar year

Lesson Structure

The scholastic year starts late January/early February. Late enrolments are always considered and students are supported in catching-up on missed work.

Students are encouraged to wear comfortable, casual clothes to school. Uniforms don’t exist at Hubbard’s!

There are daytime lessons from 9am to 4pm weekdays.  Class start and finish times vary according to subject selection. As the timetable is tailored for each student, our learners only attend the classes they are enrolled in. Students establish a regular routine of lessons and homework.  This fosters the development of effective study habits. Occasionally, to compensate for public holidays or simply if the teacher perceives a need, extra lessons are scheduled.  These are organised in consultation with students.

There are no assignments for Senior External subjects. Students can expect regular homework and in-class tests. These will indicate to a student whether their short and long term goals are being met. Hubbard’s examinations occur before Easter, late June and mid-August.  Study rooms are always available. The average class size at Hubbard’s is 11.

Textbooks/Course Materials

Textbooks are required for most subjects. They are supplied under the Hubbard’s Book Bond Scheme.

The Hubbard’s Book Bond Scheme supplies textbooks (on loan) to students. This is included in the school fee per subject. $50 per subject, will be refunded if books are returned in good condition. The cost of replacing any lost or damaged books with new ones will be deducted from the bond at the current price of the book/s.

A Calculator is required for some subjects. Mathematics B requires constant use of a graphics calculator. The preferred brand is Casio.

On average more than 150 pages per subject of additional class notes are provided to students.