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CATP - Subject Synopsis - 10397NAT

Subject Synopsis

To complete the Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (10397NAT) Program, students must complete three core units and six elective units. To complete one subject, students must complete all units within that subject.
Registered Training Organisation Code: 31621

Course Details


Unit Code



ATPBIO401A: Biology 1

Apply theory relating to organisms, their cells and physiology, and scientific method in biology.

ATPBIO402A: Biology 2

Apply theory relating to ecology, classification, genetics and evolution in biology.


ATPCHE401A: Chemistry 1

Demonstrate the practical and theoretical application of introductory chemistry.

ATPCHE402A: Chemistry 2

Apply theory relating to thermochemistry, kinetics and equilibrium to chemical systems.

ATPCHE403A: Chemistry 3

Demonstrate the application of theory relating to electrochemistry and organic chemistry.


ATPALS401A: (Core) Language and Learning 1

Research, plan and present academic essays, reports and reflections

ATPALS402A: (Core) Language and Learning 2

Write academically to persuade/argue and critically analyse and present academic speeches.

Maths A

ATPGMA401A: General Mathematics 1

Use and apply mathematics in real world applications.

ATPGMA402A: General Mathematics 1

Use and apply financial mathematics, probability and statistics in real world applications.

Maths B

ATPPMA401A: Pure Mathematics 1

Solve pure mathematics problems involving trigonometry and algebra.

ATPPMA402A: Pure Mathematics 2

Solve pure mathematics problems involving statistics and functions.

ATPPMA403A: Pure Mathematics 3

Solve pure mathematics problems involving calculus.


ATPPHY401A: Physics 1

Demonstrate the application of measurement, wave motion, optics and electricity theory in physics.

ATPPHY402A: Physics 2

Demonstrate the application of kinematics, dynamics and gravitational forces in physics.

ATPPHY403A: Physics 3

Demonstrate the application of theory relating to electronics, magnetism and nuclear physics.

Preparation for Study

ATPPRE401A: (Core) Preparation for Study

Plan and prepare for a personal career and tertiary study pathway.

Assessment for all units is progressive. Each unit encounters various assessment pieces. All courses are subject to minimum enrolments. Age restrictions apply.

Course Conditions

Entry Conditions

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age or must turn 18 years of age within 6 months of enrolment in their tertiary course.
  • Admission of applicants under this age will only be in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Principal. 
  • Year 10 education is assumed.


  • Comprehensive study materials are supplied.
  • A textbook may be issued. If so, a book bond of $120 is required.
  • Your Statement of Attainment & a refund of $60 will be issued on return of the book in good condition.
  • A computer with access to the internet is helpful.
Intensive Timetable
  • Please click on the Subject Hyperlinks for the Nov-Dec Intensive subject timetables.
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