ATAR After-School Hours Subject

The Hubbard's ATAR After-School Classes are designed to help Year 12 students in three ways:
  1. Study an extra ATAR subject to become ATAR eligible in 2020
  2. Improve an ATAR outcome through expert tuition
  3. Study an extra 1 or 2 subjects to increase the odds of getting the required ATAR

Attain an ATAR at the end of 2020  
  • Are you in Year 12 and regret not taking Mathematical Methods or General English?
  • Will you miss out on an ATAR because your school policy does not allow you to enrol in enough ATAR subjects?
  • Are you short of one ATAR subject?
  • Were you not allowed to take Mathematical Methods or General English because of your Year 9 and Year 10 results?
Do any of these scenarios resonate with you? Want to know how Hubbard's can help you?
  • Full-time students at any Brisbane mainstream school have the opportunity to study an additional subject at Hubbard's outside of normal school hours.
  • Our classes start at 4.30pm after you have finished for the day at your mainstream school.
  • Hubbard's will cover the entire content of the Year 11 and Year 12 Syllabus and prepare you for External Exams.
  • At Hubbard's, you will have the opportunity of gaining the prerequisite subject you need for university entry. 

The After School Hours Subjects offered at Hubbard's include:

General English Mondays and Wednesdays 
4.30pm - 7:00pm
Mathematical Methods
Chemistry Tuesdays and Thursdays
4.30pm - 7.00pm
Philosophy & Reason

Improve an ATAR outcome through expert tuition

  1. Do you want to stay enrolled at your school and improve your results in one of the following subjects?:
    • General English
    • Mathematical Methods
    • Chemistry
    • Chinese
    • Philosophy and Reason
  2. Do you want to be very well-prepared for External Exams?
  3. Do you want to have expert tutition in the full content of the subject without leaving your school or registering for additional External Exams?
This is how Hubbard's can help:
  • Enrol in the Hubbard's After School Hours Subject that you would like to achieve improved results in and receive a double dose of content and exam preparation.
  • You will receive 5 hours of tuition per week and cover the entire content of the subject again through the expert teaching of our External Exam teachers.
  • This course does not have any assignments; it is all study and homework based. 
Studying 1 or 2 extra ATAR subjects
  1. Do you want to study a subject that your school does not offer?
  2. Do you want to study a subject that you currently can't enrol in at your school due to a timetable clash?
  3. Do you want to enrol in an additional 6th or 7th subject that can be counted in the calculation of your ATAR at the end of 2020? (Remember: Only the best 5 results will be used to calculate your ATAR)
Do you want to increase your odds of university entry?
  • Enrol in one Hubbard's After School Hours Subject and give yourself a better chance at improved ATAR results.
  • Take a risk - you have nothing to lose! The worst case scenario - it does not have to count towards your ATAR.
  • You needn't fear that this will affect your ATAR scores in a negative way. The ATAR that you will be expected to get with your current subjects in your mainstream school can't get any lower by doing this. You can simply try to improve your chances at a better ATAR by having an additional result in a General Subject for ATAR calculations.
  • You will gain the benefit of learning to study and preparing for External Exams.
  • Our expert teachers will teach you how to respond to exam questions in the External Exam system. 
Nothing to lose - Everything to gain!

Applications for enrolment are always considered.
Please call 07 3371 5999 or email to find out more.